Holy Trinity Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Harrison, AR

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Holy Trinity Evangelical-Lutheran Church, UAC, is a caring family of believers committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in its purity and truth in accord with Holy Scripture and its faithful exhibition in the Confessions of the Holy Christian Church found in the Book of Concord of 1580.
Hymnal Note: Our parish uses the ELDoNA’s The Augustana Service Book and Hymnal: 2022 Supplement, along with The Lutheran Hymnal, for all services and hymns. ASBH is a restoration of the Common Service (so, basically, TLH p. 15 plus the Exhortation on TLH p. 47, plus the Lavabo). The lectionary is from the ASBH, the one-year series of Epistles and Gospels most historically used among Lutherans, plus some festivals not in TLH.
Along with the Divine Service at 9:30 AM every Sunday, Bible classes and Sunday School for all ages is at 8:30 AM and we have a Wednesday evening Online-only Bible class at 6:00 PM. (For our current membership, noon services work best for midweek, but this changes periodically, based on such membership needs, e.g., meeting twice per midweek when necessary.) Our services and midweek Bible classes are streamed at https://Facebook.com/holytrinityarkansas 
  • Listing ID: 2783
  • Name of Pastor(s) or Other Contact(s): Rev. Eric J. Stefanski
  • Weekly Service Times – Seasonal: Sun 9:30am; Advent/Lent Wed 12pm
  • Communion Services: Every Sunday and Festivals
  • Communion Cup(s): Both
  • Hymnal: Other or More Complicated, Please Contact Me
  • Liturgy: Other or More Complicated, Please Contact Me
  • Pericope: Other or More Complicated, Please Contact Me
  • Crucifix: Yes
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4490 Old Capps Rd, HarrisonArkansas,USA,72601 (870) 577-0742 ***** http://HolyTrinityLC.com

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  1. Glenna James August 5, 2023 at 5:29 pm

    I do plan to attend your 9:30 service on Sunday, August 6. I hope you get this comment, as I tried the “Contact Form, and couldn’t access it.

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