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Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (formerly known as “Zion New Life”) is a confessional and liturgical Lutheran (LCMS) congregation in Central Florida Of the FL/GA District. We are currently meeting in the multi-purpose room of the “Nest School” (16161 Marsh Road, Winter Garden, FL) as we wait for the completion of our new sanctuary. Zion broke ground on January 9, 2022, and will complete the sanctuary before the end of 2022. The church depicted on the image above is the 3D rendering of our new sanctuary. 

Description:  Zion observes the Historic one-year lectionary, administers the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, and follows the Liturgy of the Common Service (TLH, LSB Setting 3) week after week. For midweek services during Advent and Lent, we follow the order of Vespers. Both the congregation and the choir sing Lutheran hymns exclusively from the Lutheran Service Book. We also practice Closed Communion (1 Corinthians 11)—The biblical, historical, faithful, and loving practice of communing those who repent of all sin and confess the truth of God’s Word. You can expect to hear sermons faithful to Holy Scripture that rightly preach Law and Gospel.

Bible Studies:

Sunday Morning Bible Study—Sundays @ 10:30 AM (after the Divine Service)
Sunday School for Children—Sundays @ 10:30 AM (after the Divine Service
• Confirmation Classes—TBD
Adult Catechesis—Contact the Pastor
• “Table Talk”: Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study—Tuesday @ 7 AM
• Women’s Bible Study: Tuesdays @ 9 AM
• “Theology on Tap”—Every 3rd Thursday @ 7 PM (at Crooked Can Brewing Company)  

Closed Communion: If you desire to commune, please speak with the pastor as soon as possible in the days leading up to the service. Call or email him once you know you will attend. If you cannot, arrive at Zion 30 minutes before the Divine Service, find the pastor and introduce yourself. If you were unable to speak with him before the service, our of respect and reverence, please do not invite yourself up to communion—even if you are a member of a congregation in the LCMS. This is very serious. The pastor is under the authority of God, a steward of His mysteries (1 Corinthians 4:1), and he has the duty and responsibility to hear your confession before giving you the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11). Although you may be a member of the LCMS, keep in mind that this does not guarantee that you will be given the Lord’s Supper. Out of respect for all the members of Zion, please arrive early enough to make your confession of faith to the pastor before the service. If you are unable to, we pray that you will be edified by the Word of God in the Divine Service and that you come back in the Sundays that follow.

  • Listing ID: 666
  • Name of Pastor(s) or Other Contact(s): Rev. Roberto E. Rojas, Jr.
  • Weekly Service Times – Year-Round: Sundays @ 9 AM
  • Weekly Service Times – Seasonal: Advent/Lent—TBD
  • Communion Services: Every Sunday
  • Communion – Late Service: All Services
  • Communion Cup(s): Both
  • Communion Cup(s) – Late Service: Both
  • Hymnal: Lutheran Service Book (2006, CPH)
  • Liturgy: Lutheran Service Book (2006, CPH)
  • Pericope: Lutheran Service Book (1-year)
  • Crucifix: Yes
Contact details

16173 Marsh Road, Winter GardenFlorida,USA,34787 407-743-5533 ***** http://ZionWG.org

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