Posted 8 months ago by Mark Birkholz

All liturgy and hymns are taken from the Lutheran Service Book. Sunday School is 10:15a-11:15a and Sunday Bible Class from 10:30a-11:15a. Additional Bible Class available from...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Illinois / 55 views

Posted 8 months ago by Brian Rohde

Traditional, Confessional, Distinctively Lutheran

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Wisconsin / 50 views

Posted 9 months ago by Terry Makelin

Divine Service settings for communion services (mostly setting three). Prayer and Preaching for non-communion services. Closed communion, please contact the pastor before communing if you...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  South Dakota / 88 views

Posted 9 months ago by Garrett Buvinghausen

Resurrection is a confessional, liturgical congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in the beautiful town of Fredericksburg, Texas. Please visit us on Sundays...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 99 views

Posted 9 months ago by Mark Squire

Immanuel gathers every Sunday at 9:00 AM for Christ-centered worship. We rotate through Divine Services 1, 3, 4 quarterly. Matins, Morning Prayer, Prayer and Preaching,...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Iowa / 83 views

Posted 9 months ago by Eric Lange

We also offer Private Confession and Absolution by appointment and after services on Wednesday nights. Sunday Bible Class is at 8:45. Holy Communion is celebrated...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Oregon / 63 views

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