by Daniel Burfiend

We preach Christ and Him crucified for the forgiveness of sins.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 566 views / New

by William Foy

We are a liturgical and confessional congregation. We use Divine Service Setting 3 for all services during the week. For evening services during Advent and...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 145 views / New

by Marcus Mackay

Advent Evangelical Lutheran Church, is a confessional Lutheran church of the Missouri Synod.   We accept Scripture as the inspired and inerrant Word of God. We are...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 535 views

by Nathan Rusert

We are a confessional Lutheran congregation.  We use either Divine Service 1,3, or 4 on Sunday mornings drawing on our rich Lutheran hymns.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 523 views

by Leonard Tanksley

We are a historic, confessional congregation who preaches the Crucified and Resurrected Christ for the forgiveness of sins.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 499 views

by Peter Cage

Summer: Sunday School and Adult Bible Study at 11:50 am Sept to May: Sunday School and Adult Bible Study at 8:30 am and 11:50 am

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 469 views

by Shayne Jonker

Trusting that our Lord works through His means of grace in Holy Baptism to create His disciples and through His proclaimed Word and the body...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 963 views

by Delwyn X. Campbell

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded by Gary’s oldest congregation, a distinction augmented by the church’s addition to the National Register of Historic Places. St....

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 111 views

by Delwyn X. Campbell

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Gary, IN, was established in 1945 by the Calumet Mission Association after John and Ruby McDowell sought admission into Trinity...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 105 views

by Bill Winter

Bible Study: 9am every Sunday, and 10am Wednesdays (excluding Advent and Lent). Youth Catechesis: Sundays following the Divine Service. Adult Catechesis: Please contact the Pastor...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 146 views

by Eric Kleinschmidt

Redeemer is a liturgical congregation in the Northwest Indiana/Chicago Suburbs area.  We are a teaching congregation that has trained over 30 vicars and receives many...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 474 views

by Raymond Smith

Emmaus has been serving the inner city of Indianapolis for 120 years, not only as a Church, but also as a full elementary school. Our...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 373 views

by Immanuel Terre Haute

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Terre Haute, Indiana, is an historic and centrally located parish—called, gathered, and strengthened by Christ’s Word and Sacraments—confessional in doctrine,...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Indiana / 727 views

by Jared DeBlieck

One of our greatest joys at University Lutheran is meeting new people. We welcome everyone to visit and see for themselves how we treasure God’s...

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