Posted 9 months ago by Jacob Swenson

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church exists so that we might together hear Christ's Word and receive His sacraments.

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Posted 9 months ago by Jon Ellingworth

The family of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church is called, gathered, and empowered by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament to confess and proclaim...

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Posted 8 months ago by Rev. David Lingard

We are a confessional, liturgical church where the saints gather using the historic One Year Lectionary, Divine Service on Sunday and we confess our Lord...

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Posted 7 months ago by Peter Faugstad

Saude Lutheran Church was founded by Norwegian immigrants in 1857 under the leadership of the Rev. U. V. Koren. It follows a version of the...

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Posted 7 months ago by Peter Faugstad

Redeemer Lutheran Church was established in 1940 by the members of the Saude and Jerico congregations. It uses pages 5 and 15 of The Lutheran...

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Posted 9 months ago by Alex Post

Welcome to Redeemer Lutheran Church in Marshalltown Iowa! Visit our website here:! We have Divine Service with Holy Communion on 1st, 3rd, and 4th...

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Posted 8 months ago by Tom Wemlinger

Peace Lutheran Church is a gathering of people, called and assembled together by God Himself. He has done this for one purpose and one purpose...

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Posted 9 months ago by John Koopman

St. Paul Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran congregation of the LCMS. Here you will find hearty preaching based upon the historic one year lectionary,...

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Posted 9 months ago by David Kuhfal

We welcome you to join us to receive the Lord's gifts of Word and Sacrament, to call upon His name, and to thank and praise...

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Posted 9 months ago by Daniel Provost

Divine Service Sun. 9 am Bible Class Sun. 10:30 am Wed. Service Advent and Lent 7 pm

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