by Daniel Hinton

Christ Lutheran Church is a friendly, faithful, confessional Lutheran congregation in the wonderful city of Lubbock, Texas.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 67 views

by William Metz

By the book liturgy, excellent music program

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 63 views

by Stephen Hernandez

Join us each Lord's Day for Divine Service at 9:00AM Sunday School and Bible Class follow at 10:30AM  

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 88 views

by Garrett Buvinghausen

Resurrection is a confessional, liturgical congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in the beautiful town of Fredericksburg, Texas. Please visit us on Sundays...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 480 views

by Kurt Ulmer

Faith Lutheran Church is a confessional and liturgical congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Wylie, TX.  The Divine Service is celebrated weekly on Saturdays...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 295 views

by Philip Schielke

Each Sunday: Divine Service w/ communion at 10am Sunday School/Bible Study at 11am Lunch at noon

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 130 views

by Jey Ping

Christ Lutheran Church began as an outreach of Resurrection Lutheran in Fredericksburg TX during a 2016 congregational strategic planning retreat to spread the Gospel to...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 379 views

by Tom Chryst

A Tradtional, Liturgical, Confessional Lutheran congregation serving the Fort Worth side of the DFW Metroplex.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 362 views

by David Rohde

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Wilson, Texas is a strong confessional congregation nearly 100 years old about 25 miles south and east of Lubbock in...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 378 views

by Christopher Nuttelman

We are located in the Stone Oak area on the north side of San Antonio. We offer Adult Bible Class and Sunday School at 9:30...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 327 views

by Bryan Womack

Mount Calvary Lutheran Church preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified every Sunday to all world made weary by sin and death. Located...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 514 views

by Michael Erickson

Zion Lutheran Church is a confessional, liturgical, and sacramental LCMS congregation in the panhandle of Texas.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 79 views

by James Heiser

Salem Lutheran Church was established in 1886 and is the confessional Lutheran Church in Hill County, Texas. It was an independent congregation from 1886 to...

 Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America /  Texas / 519 views

by Peter Kolb

St. Mark is a Christ-Centered, Historic, Liturgical, Lutheran congregation in the heart of Waco.    We are 11 blocks straight south of the Magnolia Silos...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 544 views

by Thomas Winter

Preaching Christ crucified - and gathering to receive His gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 321 views

by Randall Wehmeyer

We preach Christ Crucified.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Texas / 347 views

by Paul Harris

We are an Independent Confessional Lutheran Church. We welcome those from other Lutheran and Christian fellowships. However, because of the divisions that exist in Christianity...

 Independent Lutheran /  Texas / 590 views