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Posted 2 weeks ago by Jeffrey Keuning

Adult Bible study, September through May, 10:00AM Tuesday and 7:00PM Tuesday. Sunday School for children and adults, 9:45AM Sunday.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Iowa / 22 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Jeffrey Keuning

Adult Bible study, Thursday, 7PM. Sunday school for adults and children, Sunday, 9:15AM.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Iowa / 21 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Kent Umbarger

St. John's rotates through Divine Service - 1, 3 & 4.  On non-communion services we use Matins & Prayer and Preaching.

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Illinois / 20 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Caleb Stoever

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a congregation of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Here, God regularly calls His people together around His Word and...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Kansas / 18 views

Posted 2 weeks ago by Keith GeRue

We believe, teach, and confess… There is only one true God—the Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit), as...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Wisconsin / 23 views

Posted 3 weeks ago by Brandon Warr

St. Patrick Lutheran Church is located in the Florida Panhandle with Divine Services every Sunday @ 12pm with Instruction classes at 10:45am prior to service....

 Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America /  Florida / 206 views

Posted 3 weeks ago by Stafford Thompson

Hope Lutheran Church Munger (Cloquet), MN is a small Lutheran church located about 10-15 miles outside of the city of Duluth. Sunday Divine Service is...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Minnesota / 31 views

Posted 3 weeks ago by Winston Grieser

Greetings in Christ, Thank you for your interest in attending service at Apostolic Lutheran to be nourished by the good gifts that our Lord Jesus...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Washington / 29 views

Posted 4 weeks ago by John Lehenbauer

Christ Lutheran Church and School was chartered in 2006 as a congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.  Since starting in a school and...

 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod /  Georgia / 29 views

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